s-bag® is the original

s-bag® is the standard vacuum bag designed to fit all bagged canister cleaners from the Philips and Electrolux Group (AEG, Electrolux, Volta, Tornado). No hassle to search for a dust bag, you just have to remember the s-bag® logo.

Some years ago Electrolux Group and Philips designed s-bag® as the standard bag for all their canister cleaners. The Electrolux and Philips collaboration aims at making consumers’ and retailers’ lives easier by simplifying the complex dust bag market.

Now all you need to remember is s-bag®.

s-bag® Classic long performance Vacuum Cleaner Bags

The original synthetic vacuum bag

s-bag® Ultra Long Performance Vacuum Cleaner Bags

s-bag® Ultra Long Performance Vacuum Cleaner Bags

s-bag® Anti-Allergy Vacuum Cleaner Bags

The original vacuum bag for allergy sufferers

s-bag® Anti-Odour Vacuum Cleaner Bags

The original vacuum bag for pet owners

s-bag® Classic Vacuum Cleaner Bags

The original paper vacuum bag


Particles vacuum by your cleaner are efficiently filtered and retained by the filter. Maintaining a dust-free environment will enable everyone in your family to breathe easier and feel better.

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The s-fresh® range has been created to fragrance your home whilst cleaning, giving you not only a clean home but a lovely scented one too!

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We suggest

An innovative bag

Thanks to the innovative folding of the s-bag, the bag fits perfectly into the cleaner compartment. The folding of the bag also improves the vacuum efficiency and enables better dust pick up.

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Why is it important to always use original parts?

This ensures that your vacuum cleaner will always perform at its best, thus avoiding any premature damage to the motor and problems linked to the guarantee.

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How to maintain your cleaner

Do not vacuum water if your cleaner does not have the required equipment. Moisture could damage the bag, the motor and the electronic parts, which are contained in many cleaner models.

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