How to maintain your cleaner

  • Do not vacuum water if your cleaner does not have the required equipment. Moisture could damage the bag, the motor and the electronic parts, which are contained in many cleaner models. 
  • Do not vacuum warm ashes, cigarettes, matches or any flammable products. 
  • Avoid vacuuming big quantities of fine dust (cement, plaster, flour) that could quickly clog the bag.
  • Never use your bagged cleaner without a dust bag. This could damage the cleaner. 
  • For optimum performance or your cleaner, bags should be changed regularly and filters should be changed with every 5th vacuum bag. All filters should be replaced at least twice a year or when they become visibly soiled. The use of non genuine s-bag® vacuum bags may adversely affect the performance of your vacuum cleaner.
  • To best maintain your cleaner always replace the dust bag, filters and accessories with original brand. 
  • Make sure that the exhaust is not obstructed and that the motor can be cooled. Check the nozzle and remove the dust before use.